Today is World Emoji Day so it seems only right that we should find out what emoji Michigan uses the most.

Don't feel bad if you didn't know that World Emoji Day was a thing. Honestly, I just found out this morning when Facebook told me. I didn't even buy a gift for anyone!

There are a few ways that people celebrate World Emoji Day. Apple users will notice some new emoji's available including a redheaded emoji and a cupcake among many others.

I choose to give the gift of emoji knowledge. Have you ever wondered what the most used emoji is in each state? Neither did I until today! Luckily the people over at did all the work for us.

They found that Michigan has a clear cut favorite emoji.


Yes. That's the one. I have never . . . ever used that emoji. However, I'm not a huge emoji person, so I don't want to speak for everyone.

Luckily they found the most popular emoji for almost every state. Check out the map below.

So go out an celebrate World Emoji Day!!! I have no idea what you would do, but whatever it is, try to use as few actual words as possible. Maybe you could buy a friend one of those poop emoji pillows while you're at it.


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