Former NFL superstar was kicked out of court today for playfully slapping his lawyer on the Butt.

Chad Johnson at one point in his career was one of the best to ever step on a football field but that all has changed for Johnson. He is currently on probation for a domestic violence charge that he received last year. During a recent court date for a probation violation everything seemed to be in his favor. The judge was finalizing a plea deal that sounded really good for Johnson.

That all changed when Johnson decided to jokingly slap his lawyer on the butt as if to tell him good job. The entire courtroom filled with laughter accept from the most important person in the room, the judge. She was not at all amused actually she became enraged by the gesture. She took it as he was not taking it all serious so she decided to revoke the deal she was going to give him. Johnson then can be heard saying "I had no intent to make this a joke, because my life is in shambles right now."

This still did not change the judges mind he is currently still in custody and awaiting word on his next court date.