This, as they say, is why you do it.

Black Panther is a huge hit and it’s making legions of fans. Not surprisingly, the film is particularly resonant in the black community, and this very touching new video from The Tonight Show features a few of its members explaining exactly what the movie means to them. Of course the whole thing is a setup so they can be surprised by T’Challa himself, Chadwick Boseman. Their shocked and delighted reactions are priceless. (So is Boseman’s coat. That thing looks fantastic.)

There’s a bunch of highlights. I love the young boy who’s so stunned to see Black Panther standing in front of him he’s rendered totally speechless. I love the Howard University student who calls out Boseman, a Howard University alum, and then when he shows up she runs away. I love the woman who jokes about how Black Panther looked so great it got her to watch an action movie. (“Didn’t see that coming!”) But my absolute favorite is the guy who gives this impassioned speech about how his family is from Africa, his father is a scientist, this movie means everything to him, he’s already watched it twice in theaters ... and once on bootleg. Chadwick Boseman rightfully makes fun of him for that last part.

This video definitely did not get me choked up and I’m definitely not crying at my desk in my office watching it. Nope. Not even a little.

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