Well, this happened. The Federal Communications Commission, headed by President Trump’s chairman pick Ajit Pai, voted 3-2 on Thursday (Dec. 14) to repeal net neutrality rules passed by the Obama administration that were aimed at protecting consumers from bad behavior by their internet providers.

The FCC’s new rules could usher in big changes in how Americans use the internet and how telecom titans like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon can utilize it for their customers—for better or for worse. The broadband industry promises that the internet experience isn’t going to change for consumers but many Americans are worried that cable and phone companies will be able to control what they see and do online.

According to the Associated Press, several State attorneys general are now threatening lawsuits against the FCC's repeal of “net neutrality” rules. Both the New York State attorney general and The Washington state attorney general have vowed to sue over net neutrality.

After the ruling, there were immediate reactions on the internet by musicians, politicians, celebrities and regular folks alike. Rappers Chance the Rapper and his brother, Bennett Taylor, slammed the FCC and pledged to fight in the battle to keep the internet neutral.

"I predict @AjitPaiFCC will go to prison for obstruction of justice in the NY attorney general's investigation of millions of fake comments that were published on the FCC website. #NetNeutrality" tweeted Chano, while his brother, wrote, "#NetNeutrality is key to free expression, innovation & public safety."

Check out more reactions below.

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