Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced in a press conference today (Sept. 4) that he will not seek a third term in office. Many Chi-town natives are celebrating the news, including frequent Emanuel critic Chance The Rapper.

The 25-year-old retweeted several tweets cheering Rahm's decision, including one from fellow Chicago rapper Ric Wilson that featured a gif of Chance dancing. Chance also showed love to a few organizations whose work in recent years opposing Chicago police he credited with helping discourage Emanuel from running for re-election.

"Shoutout to all the grassroots orgs like @AssataDaughters @BYP_100 and many others that pushed for accountabily and resignation from Rahm," he wrote. "His announcement to not run however, is not Justice for Laquan McDonald, only convicting muderer Jason Van Dyke can bring that."

Chance continued, "Also we need a new mayor, but not just anybody. We gotta start to come together around a candidate that cares about equity in regards to education, job development and healthcare in one of the most segregated cities in the country."

Emanuel's announcement comes one day before Jason Van Dyke, the Chicago police officer referenced in Chance's tweet, faces trial for the 2014 killing of Laquan McDonald, an unarmed 17-year-old who was shot 16 times by Van Dyke while walking in the street.

Official dash cam footage of McDonald's final moments went viral and sparked weeks of protest in Chicago, as well as calls for Emanuel's resignation after reports that the video was previously withheld. The incident also inspired Vic Mensa's song "16 Shots."

Chance himself called for Emanuel to resign in his July song "I Might Need Security," which references fatal shootings at the hands of Chicago police officers. "Rahm, you done, I'm expectin' resignation/An open investigation on all of these paid vacations for murderers," he raps.

Many are also calling on Chance to run for mayor himself—a result of the lyrics from his popular some "Somewhere in Paradise." "They screaming Chano for mayor, I'm thinking maybe I should," Chance raps on the song.

You can read more about Jason Van Dyke's trial here. Check out Chance The Rapper's tweets about Rahm Emanuel's announcement below.

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