Local elections are taking place all over the country and there are a number of rappers who are urging people to partake in the political process. Chance The Rapper added his star power to political podcast Pod Save America's HBO special, in a segment about the ease of voting with Stephen Curry and host Akilah Hughes, on Friday (Nov. 2).

In the funny segment titled "Vote Save America," Hughes explains how easy it is to vote. In a second scene, Chano and Curry are in a hotel room laying in separate beds when Hughes questions them about filling out their absentee ballots. When they reveal they have failed to mail in their ballots, Hughes promises to stalk the two entertainers unless they take care of business. They are eventually forced to kick her out.

All jokes aside, Chance has done his part to be involved in his local election. Last month, he showed up to City Hall in Chicago to back mayoral candidate Amara Enyia. “I want to work with somebody that’s about change," he told those in attendance. "Somebody that’s about our community. Somebody that’s about equity. Somebody that’s about fairness. And the one person in my research of this wide-open race [whose] views align with me would obviously be candidate Amara Enyia.”

Kanye West has also donated to Enyia's campaign.

Check out the Pod Save America clip starring Chance The Rapper and Steph Curry below.

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