UPDATE (July 27): 

Soulja Boy has released a statement to XXL in response to Charleston White claiming he is going to press charges against the rapper as a result of their altercation in Miami.

"There's no way he can press charges," Soulja wrote. "He the one [who] started shooting pepper spray. Nobody threatened him, just laughed at him on Live."


Soulja Boy and YouTuber Charleston White have been trading shots on social media following their altercation in Miami last weekend. Now, the controversial social media figure is saying he plans on getting the law involved.

On Wednesday (July 27), Charleston White shared a video on YouTube where he claims he is in fear for his life and plans on pressing charges against Soulja Boy and one of the rapper's associates for threatening his life on camera.

"He done made all the threats. So listen, if you think my people and myself aint contacting the Atlanta District Attorney's Office, you done fucked up, boy," White starts in the video.

From there, White contacts his publicist, who he asks to check on "the course of action we need to take to file charges against an Atlanta rapper who threatened my life with guns on video."

"We got video of Soulja Boy threatening to have people killed," White explained. "I have video of another nigga threatening and saying we banned. I'm finna see if I can get them niggas on RICO charges. I wanna press charges."

White continued to spell out his case.

"Because Soulja Boy attacked me, attempted to attack me, and I had to self defend myself," he continued. "There was a young lady with me and she got injured. Yeah, so them niggas done fucked up. Stupid ass niggas ... They done fucked up. This man got a video saying I will have you killed. Threatening my life. And when he saw me in person, he said, 'Yeah, in two weeks later I saw you.' Now they threatening me again?"

In a second video, White continues to talk with his publicist about his mission to bring legal action. He names Soulja Boy's artist Flo Malcolm as being a person who also threatened him.

"I'll teach you bad muthafuckas," White says. "I know somebody badder than you niggas. The goddamn police and that goddamn court system."

This entire situation stems from an altercation between Soulja Boy and Charleston White on July 22 in Miami, where White admittedly maced Soulja Boy and his crew when they approached him to allegedly confront White about disparaging comments he made about Soulja in a recent interview. Soulja Boy confirmed the macing story and called White out for not dealing with him mano e mano. Yesterday, Soulja Boy threatened to leak the footage of the encounter.

XXL has reached out to Soulja Boy and the Fulton County District Attorney for comment.

Watch Charleston White Threaten to Press Charges Against Soulja Boy Below

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