Chris Brown is giving his Original Hood Bosses crew some spotlight. The singer released a new track called "Shut Down" which features the OHB crew. The record sees members of the crew getting time to shine while Chris Brown steps into the rapping role himself.

"All I do is hustle for the benefits/And with the Money Team but I don’t need a membership/I got a couple foreign lesbians up in the whips/I'm blowing loud like it was a Sega Genesis/I can tell you n---as what the business is/I bet I take a n---a food before he finish it/Take an L n---a, you don't know what winning is/I be pushin' like I don't know what the limit is/Hit the club submarine style, in here too deep/Balling like a pro, sumo level on/Man that Cali's what I'm flaunting so I'm back on fleek/You ain't talking bout money, homie now I'm in the streets/Cause you don't know who came with the heat/Cause you and your crew lookin' weak, hey," Chris Brown raps on the opening verse.

Chris Brown went on Twitter to hint at this track appearing on OHB mixtape. He did not announce any release date for the project just yet though. Earlier this week, Brown debuted the trailer for his documentary Welcome to My Life. The singer said that he thought about committing suicide after his assault of then-girlfriend.

"I felt like a fucking monster," Brown admitted in the trailer. "I was thinking about suicide and everything else. I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t eating. I just was getting high."

No release date for the Welcome to My Life documentary has been set at this time.

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