On Monday night, Chris Brown was headed to the 2013 Met Gala aboard a private jet when it was forced to make an emergency landing shortly after takeoff because the cockpit filled with smoke.

(Since Rihanna and Brown are currently on the outs, we've ruled out that it was just RiRi lighting up a fattie.)

According to a source who was onboard, a few minutes into the flight there "was A LOT of smoke ... everywhere."

The pilot immediately turned the plane around to make an emergency landing at the Burbank airport. While the passengers were frightened, the pilot reportedly handled with the situation with aplomb and was able to get everyone to safety.

Despite the harrowing ordeal, Brown still really wanted to get to the Met Gala and boarded the next available plane to New York. He didn't quite make it to the event, but he did get there in time for an after-party (see the photo above, in which he's decked out in Satan's favorite color).