Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s relationship has reached a new level of craziness. She recently had a new tooth implanted in her gums with Blueface’s face on it.

On Saturday (July 9), Chrisean Rock jumped on her Instagram account and shared a video of herself at the orthodontist’s office getting a new tooth. In the clip, Rock is smiling with her front tooth missing, and the dentist’s gloved hand briefly covers her mouth. When the dentist pulls his hand back—Voilà!—Rock has a new tooth, but this time it has Blueface’s picture on it.

"I did it for you Daddy blueee," she wrote in the caption, along with the IG addresses of her two dental surgeons @dr.trevthomas and @daddyinspanish. The video has garnered over 300,000 views and over 3,000 likes so far.

Recently, Rock’s tooth had been a sticking point in their tumultuous relationship. Last week, when rumors surfaced of them breaking up, Blueface hopped on social media to explain why he wanted to distance himself from his off-and-on girlfriend. He claimed that ever since she got a new tooth, she’s been unreliable. "Me and Rock, we vibe," Blueface explained in a video capturing his IG Live. "She’s not reliable enough—I mean we had an agreement and she didn’t hold up her end of the agreement, simple as that. That’s all that is. It’s not a breakup."

In response, Rocky pulled out her fake tooth to win back Blueface’s love.

Now she’s making it permanent with her own Blue tooth.

Watch Chrisean Rock Unveil Her New Tooth With Blueface’s Face On It

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