LeBron James will return to Cleveland. From the video doesn't look like they will receive with open arms. What a Christmas gift.

It will be the first time we see LeBron James coming to the Quicken Loans Arena as a visitor. Expect a hostile crowd to show up, expect the fans to boo like never before, and expect posters mocking the former king.

This will be bigger than the Christmas Day game with Shaq and Kobe in 2005. At least they produced 3 straight NBA titles before Shaq left. The fans still loved Shaq, he didn’t quit on LA. This Cleveland-Miami game will mean more for the city of Cleveland than to LeBron. They felt like he quit on them, even naming a bitter tasting beer mocking his moniker, Quitness (a wordplay on Witness).

via Miami Heat vs. Cleveland Cavaliers On Christmas Day? - Gack Sports.