Sesame Street was a staple of my life growing up, and their latest accomplishment shows that they are going to be a staple in kids lives for many years to come.

Sesame Street became the first nonprofit organization and U.S. children's company to reach one billion YouTube views.  Think about that for a second.

The show that was teaching and entertaining us 30 years ago is at the front of the pack when it comes to today's technology.  That really is amazing!

It almost helps me to forget and forgive them for replacing Grover with Elmo (a mistake that was fixed in recent years).

Sesame Street celebrated the milestone by letting the Count do what does best, he counted the you's in YouTube.  If you and your kids don't follow The Count on Twitter, I highly suggest you do.  He posts quality counting videos, and always manages to keep a smile on my face.  He also counts . . . a lot.

Congratulations Sesame Street!  You have proven that not only can old dogs learn new tricks, they can still teach the pups while doing it.