DANGY! The Big homie Anderson Cooper from CNN got beat down in Egypt by a mob. I'm a fan of Anderson Coopers work and to be informed of this is pure shock.  This Egypt mess is getting out of hand now. Get more detaisIf you haven't been keep up to date about the craziness over there, get informed. Here is a video to better help you out.

As government plain-clothed officers attack demonstrators in Egypt, CNN reported that star reporter Anderson Cooper was attacked and beaten by thugs on Wednesday. It comes less than 24 hours after President Hosni Mubarak called for calm and said he would not run for re-election in the September vote.

According to a CNN producer, Anderson Cooper was “hit in the head 10 times” by pro-government supporters.

Eyewitnesses have confirmed that Cooper was indeed attacked and hit numerous times.

via **BREAKING NEWS** CNN's Anderson Cooper Attacked By Pro-Mubarak Mob In Egypt!!! (PHOTOS) | Global Grind.