Normally when the 'Kiss Cam' shows fans at a baseball game, there is some awkward kiss for the crowd to laugh at.  That was not the case at a Dodgers game recently.

The guy, and fairly hot girl, decided that they would not play into the Kiss Cam's game.  Instead they had planned to dump beer on each others heads!

Yes.  This guy agreed to this.

Instead of publicly make out with a girl, who is obviously out of his league.  He chose to dump a $15 glass of beer on her head, while she did the same thing to him!

I don't want to sound like a cheapskate here, but this stunt just cost this guy no less than $100!

  • $30 in beer dumped out
  • $30 to get replacement beers
  • $30 to buy above average girlfriend a new hat
  • $30 to eventually replace his own hat

I hope it was worth it . . . . I hope it was worth it.