A Florida woman was definitely not "lovin it" when she took her top off and decided to trash a McDonalds.

The woman was caught on a surveillance without any shirt, trashing the front end of a McDonalds.  She can be seen banging her head on the counter and throwing things everywhere.

She tossed contents of a refrigerator onto the floor as employees stood and watched her. She finishes her tirade the only way it could be finished.  She stuck her head under the soft serve dispenser and decided to help herself to some ice cream.

Yup.  She did that.

No one is sure why the woman went crazy, but she was eventually detained by the authorities . . . and by authorities I mean these guys.

Just a word of warning in case you missed the "Topless" part of the story earlier.  The woman is in fact, not wearing top.  This video is not safe for work . . . but it is crazy.