Currensy is in grind mode. The New Orleans rapper is putting out new releases at a similar rate to his memorable run in 2008. The Jet Life founder just announced a project called The Legend of Harvard Blue a few days ago and follows that up with a single titled "Supply and Demand."

The track sees Currensy flowing over a YoungStarr production as he gives the people what they want. Spitta knows his fans constantly need that new fix, so he's more than willing to supply them with the records.

"They getting impatient baby/And they say they can't take the pain/I just dropped a batch last month/They want me to come back again/See it's called supply and demand/Underground, I am the man/Mainstream, they not like me/But I catch big stunts on them," Currensy raps.

As it stands now, Currensy has released a new mixtape or EP for every month of 2016. The prolific rapper has put out a mixture of solo projects like The Owners Manual as well as collaboration projects with specific producers. Some examples include Spitta linking with The Alchemist once again for The Carrollton Heist or his partnership with 808 Mafia's Purps for the Bourbon Street Secrets EP.

If you are having trouble keeping up though, there is an easy way to collect all of Currensy's new and past work. The Mixtape Lab put together a collection of his entire mixtape discography including all of his most recent projects. This will only get you access to Currensy's free releases as his retail albums are not part of the collection.

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