Since bursting onto the scene in 2015 with his song "Cha Cha," DRAM has gone by the name D.R.A.M., an acronym for Does Real Ass Music. But now, it appears the Virginia rapper is going by a slightly new moniker.

The "Ill NaNa" rapper now wants to be known as DRAM, with no periods. The artist teamed up with Funny or Die for a hilarious video to make the announcement. Parodying the Maury show, DRAM appeared with his periods -- Joshua, Kimberly, Manwell and Dotty.

Just like on Maury, DRAM had doubts about the periods actually being his, so the show's host brought out his baby momma, L'Brenda, who claims the rapper got her pregnant four times and "did it sleazily." It's eventually revealed that DRAM is not the father of the four periods. After some dancing, DRAM quickly leaves the set smiling, then saying, "No more periods in my shit, it's just DRAM."

Up next for DRAM, the rapper is gearing up for the release of second studio album, a follow up to 2016's, Big Baby D.R.A.M. While the project doesn't have a title or release date yet, DRAM has dropped the tracks "Group Thang (DEMO)," "The Uber Song" and "Gilligan" featuring Juicy J and A$AP Rocky.

Check out DRAM's announcement below.

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