UPDATE (Feb. 21, 2021):

DaBaby has reacted to the uproar made over his line mentioning teen YouTuber, JoJo Siwa, on the track, "Beat Box Freestyle." On Sunday (Feb. 21), DaBaby made jokes of the whole situation after becoming a trending topic on Twitter. "I love Twitter bruh," he wrote. "I 'Siwa' I’m not like the rest of you niggas."

DaBaby also addressed Siwa personally to clarify things. "@itsjojosiwa my 3 year old princess is your number 1 fan. I bought her every product you have out. She think she you," he posted. "Don’t let em trick you into thinking id ever have a problem with you. My word play just went over their heads. All love on my end shawty, Keep shinning!"

Check out DaBaby's full response below.


DaBaby recently dropped a freestyle over SpotemGottem's viral hit, "Beat Box," but one line in particular has people on the internet scratching their heads.

On Friday (Feb. 19), DaBaby decided to bless fans with new music in the form of his "Beat Box Freestyle" and accompanying video. During the track, the North Carolina rapper name-drops popular teen YouTuber, JoJo Siwa. "Usin' big words like I'm T.I. (Turn up)/Don't wanna get me started, nigga/Turn me up, niggas gon' see why/Nigga, you a bitch, JoJo Siwa (Bitch)," he raps around the one-minute mark of the remix. He even pulls up a photo of the teen star on his phone while he raps the line.

Considering Siwa is a bubbly 17-year-old YouTube personality, the strange line left many people confused as to its intention. Many on the internet wondered if there had been some kind of beef brewing between the two polar opposite entertainers. "YO WHAT DID I MISS DID JOJO SIWA DUNK ON DABABY AT THE NICKELODEON GAMES OR SOME SHIT???" Mero from the show Desus and Mero pondered on Twitter. "WHY HE OD ON HER LIKE THAT?"

"Dababy and jojo siwa beef is a weird alternate universe I didn't know I entered," another Twitter user posted.

While many joked about the origins of a possible beef, others surmised DaBaby was doing a play on words, using "see why" and "Siwa" as homophones, and the latter as a way to say his opps have teen girl tendencies. "I really see how the internet does bc they blew that dababy line outta proportion.. it was a play on words but I was bouta go in bc I thought a grown man was coming for JoJo," someone else commented.

Either way, with no explanation from DaBaby, people are having a field day with conspiracy theories and jokes toward the rapper.

See more Twitter reactions from people confused about DaBaby name-dropping JoJo Siwa below.

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