Not only does Danny Brown have a new album on the way, but it's executive produced by A Tribe Called Quest frontman, Q-Tip. Brown confirmed the news in a new interview High Snobiety published on Tuesday (April 30).

“If I didn’t get help, with somebody to find a direction, I didn’t know what the fuck to do at that time,” Brown told the publication of the way Q-Tip helped out when he had writer's block. “I knew I couldn’t make an album like [Atrocity Exhibition] again. This is the easiest one because you got someone like him you can put your trust into.”

It's been nearly three years since the release of the aforementioned Atrocity Exhibition, and Brown has remained relatively quiet since then. He got to work on the new album, which he's named U Know What I’m Sayin?, not too long after Atrocity Exhibition's September 2016 release, but it's been a long time in the making—particularly because of a lack of inspiration, which led to writer's block. It was at that point that he decided to bring in Tip, who'd been championing the Detroit rapper since the outset of his career. In fact, it was the legendary Tribe frontman who urged A-Trak to sign Brown to Fool's Gold.

U Know What I’m Sayin? will be focused on “just dope rhymes,” according to Brown, with a promise to leave out any drug or off-the-wall sex references, as well as any "weird" concepts. He wants to make music for his age bracket, and let the kids do what the kids are doing.

“Hip-hop is like 50 years old or some shit,” Brown told High Snobiety. “We’re at the point of it now where you’ve got kid music and you’ve got… People get so mad with what the kids is doing, the new hip-hop. It’s not for you — mind your business. So I’m minding my business, making sure it’s my business for the little fellas like me, the older motherfuckers, 30-year-olds, 30 and up.”

Though there is no confirmed release date as of yet, Brown did reveal one of the guest appearances on the project will come from El-P of Run the Jewels.

To hear more of what Danny Brown's got to say, check out his whole interview with High Snobiety.

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