DDG had to go on an apology tour after he wrote a not-so-nice tweet that was seemingly aimed at Rubi Rose, with whom he once had a relationship with.

It all started on Saturday (July 31), when Rubi, a 2021 XXL Freshman, jumped on her Twitter account and posted a tweet stating, "My next nigga gotta be tall, I wanna wear heels."

Roughly 30 minutes later, DDG tweeted on his Twitter page, "My next girl gotta have less than 60 bodies."

The tweets went viral and the Detroit rapper had to backpedal for his unforgivable gaffe on social media. On Sunday (Aug. 1), DDG went on his Instagram Story to make a formal apology to Rubi.

"My tweet was petty & made up, and i admit i took it too far, that's my bad," the 2021 XXL Freshman wrote, adding the prayer hands emoji. He then added, "I'm Sorry Rubster" with the crying face emoji.

DDG apologizes to Rubi Rose
Pontiacmadeddg via Instagram

For her part, Rubi has not responded to either DDG's tweet nor his apology on IG.

Both DDG and Rubi are members of the 2021 XXL Freshman class.

In an interview with XXL, DDG believed he earned his spot on the 2021 XXL Freshman cover after years of being a YouTuber and now rapping full-time. "It’s important to be a XXL Freshman ’cause I feel like I put the work in," he said. "I feel like I’ve been working extremely hard. I put the numbers up, put the plaques up. So, I feel like it’s my time.”

Meanwhile, Rubi is proving that her talent deserves more attention than her looks. "[Being an XXL Freshman], I just felt really validated," she expressed. "People have to put some respect on me. Now, nobody can't tell me shit."

Hopefully, DDG and Rubi Rose can remain friends in the rap game.

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