The conversation that's been flying all over the world is what happened at the Oscars where Will Smith slapped Chris Rock in front of the world and Denzel Washington gives his take on what happened that night. 

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This has been a roller coaster of a week since the "Slapping" took place at the Oscars which left the world in shock. I can honestly say I'm still a bit in shock myself, I feel like no answer will give me what I want. Thankfully uncle Denzel was in attendance that night and even talked to WIll after slapping Chris Rock to caution Will about the devil coming for him.  Will even mentions Denzel's quote in his acceptance speech but, I don't think Will understood that Denzel was referring to the moment at hand.

Now people will overwhelmingly point out Jada as the one that's corroding Will's mental health, and you can't blame them for doing so. Ever since the infamous "Entanglement Incident" Will and Jada have been getting destroyed by the internet for airing out their personal lives. And if you internalize all the negativity that Will has been receiving you can see this was clearly a mental breakdown. No one is immune to that much stress if you decide to absorb it.

So far the consequences of Will's actions are slowly coming out. Netflix and Sony have recently dropped Will from future projects and the Academy was hinting at taking his Oscar back. Only time will tell what will become of Will Smith, but after this, his image has been forever tarnished.

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