NBA star Derrick Rose, along with his two friends, were cleared Wednesday (Oct. 19) of rape allegations stemming from a civil sexual assault lawsuit.

According to Sports Illustrated, the alleged victim “Jane Doe" filed a lawsuit against the former MVP and his two friends alleging they gang raped her in August 2013 when she was incapacitated from drugs and alcohol.

A jury heard various testimonies of different accounts of the sexual encounter, including text messages from Rose to the accuser after the alleged incident.

Neither party denied the three men had sex with the woman, but the issue was whether she consented or was too inebriated to do so.

Rose's attorneys have accused Doe of trying to smear Rose after he dumped her in hopes of a big payday. Doe sued Rose for $21 million.

It appears the trial won't affect Rose's sneaker deal with Adidas or lead to any type of suspension or other punishment from the NBA. Rose is expected to join the New York Knicks on the injured reserve list. The Knicks opens the season Oct. 25 in Cleveland against the Cavaliers.

Reactions to Derrick Rose being found not guilty of rape have been mixed with some supporting the NBA star while others believe that he did in fact rape the victim.

Check out the mixed reactions below.

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