Destiny's Child is back with Michelle Williams getting a reality show called 'My Sister's Keeper.' The Super Bowl halftime show reunited Destiny's Child on stage and now we see another member of the group doing her own thing.  After Beyonce's documentary on HBO, it is time for the gospel singer member to show the world her life. 

The new reality show 'My Sister's Keeper' will follow Michelle around as she gets ready for her new gospel album.  Along with documenting the journey of the new album, Michelle will have her sisters along with her for the ride.  Hopefully this will be a good show.

Williams and Entertainment One came together for the new show.  Entertainment One released the statement of the new partnership saying,

"We’re very excited to expand upon our relationship with Michelle on this new collaboration that will provide fans with a peek into her everyday life."

Michelle Williams released her own statement saying,

Working together on my new gospel album and television series, I am excited to share with everyone a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration and journey of recording for the album, performing, fun family times and other unforgettable experiences out together with my dear sisters.

I am happy for Michelle having the opportunity to share the gospel with the world.  I know people really should consider listening to the album especially after getting a background look into the process. I am not a fan of reality television but will give this show a shot because I am a Christian.


via Complex