What would you do if you found a wallet on the street that someone dropped? That's the answer that the 'Dropped Wallet' experiment set out to find.

Mark Rober started to think deeper about the subject after he dropped his own wallet, and it was never returned.  "What kind of person doesn't return a wallet?" is the question he kept asking himself.

Rober then set out to find out which cities in America would actually take the time to return a dropped wallet. The study was pretty simple, drop 200 wallets in cities around the country, and rank them by return rate.

Rober also included a phone number to call so he could start to profile the people that did return the wallets. I won't give away all the results here, but I will say that Detroit did not show well in the study.

The most surprising thing about the study to me is that 96% of the wallets returned still had all of the money inside of them.

Check out the video and think about what you'll do the next time you find a wallet lost on the sidewalk.

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