The Detroit Pistons latest head coaching search has come to an end with Dwane Casey.

In an off-season that can described as laughable, the Pistons have finally filled one of their many vacancies. The Pistons named Dwane Casey as the new coach.

Casey had an amazing year with the Raptors last season, getting 59 wins and earning the top spot in the East. His stock dropped like a rock though when the Raptors were swept by the Cavs in the Eastern Conference Finals. Most analysts suggested that Casey was outcoached in the series.

No terms were given about the deal, but most sources say that it is a five year deal to coach in Detroit.

The odds of Casey finishing all five years are slim at best. The Pistons are not in a good place right now. They have very few young prospects, and no money to sign any new players. The Blake Griffin deal has locked them into the core team that they finished with last season. Despite all of that, team owner Gores thinks Casey is the man to turn it all around.

Gores has come under fire since the season ended. Critics say he waited to long to start his search for a coach and GM. The team still does not have a GM and many other key positions filled.

Despite all of the problems the Pistons are facing, Casey seems positive about coming to Detroit.

Do you think the Pistons have a chance in the East this season?

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