Akon gave away 60,000 tickets to his show in Africa, and performed inside a plastic bubble.  People are now saying he stayed inside the bubble to avoid contracting Ebola.

The concert happened at an airport in the Democratic Republic of Congo to promote peace and unity for Goma.

Akon put on a great show and even crowd surfed in his bubble, but when the pictures hit the internet, most people assumed he was doing it to protect himself from the Ebola virus outbreak.

So was Akon's reason for the bubble to avoid Ebola?

It's possible, but most likely the answer is NO.

The bubble has been a part of Akon's concerts for years, in fact here is a video from 2010 where Akon did the exact same thing in India.

So while the rumors will continue to run that Akon is putting a thin plastic line between him and Ebola, he's actually just having fun during his show.