Recently, Madonna said that she and Lady Gaga would be sharing the stage together and then it was reported that Gaga turned down Madge's offer to take the stage with her at Yankee Stadium. Now, a report has surfaced that Lady Gaga "shared" a stage with Madonna in Mexico City, but not in the way that you'd think.

Paws Down Little Monsters, a Tumblr that proudly claims it analyzes Gaga in ways that the mainstream media doesn't dare to, reports that Gaga used Madonna's stage rigging and outer shell from the MDNA tour for her Born This Way Ball tour. Gaga's staging features a massive castle, which looks to have been inserted into Madonna's stage.

Why would the Mother Monster do this?

Well, PDLM suggests that Gaga had trouble moving tickets for the Mexico City date of the tour so promoter Live Nation forced her to use the MDNA stage to cut costs, since shipping Gaga's stage costs a lot of money. It doesn't explain why the MDNA tour stage was there in the first place, especially since Madonna's tour is hitting the Southwestern portion of the United States in recent days. Wouldn't it stand to reason that Madonna is using her own stage?

You can see photos where the outer shells look similar and circular, but we can't really confirm that it's Madonna's and Madonna's only. It could be that it's the venue's shell, not Madonna's, and that Madonna's production was integrated into the same structure that Gaga's was.

It doesn't seem right to us. What do you guys think, PopCrushers?

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