The Lions lost the NFC North Title in Green Bay yesterday, but they might have lost Ndamukong Suh for their upcoming playoff game, if the NFL decides he stomped on Aaron Rodgers.

It happened in the fourth quarter of the Lions and Packers game.  Rodgers had just completed a pass, and got knocked down after the play.

Suh was being pushed backwards, and accidentally stepped on Rodgers leg.  Then he took another step backwards, again landing on Rodgers leg.  With his reputation of a dirty player, people immediately convicted Suh of stomping on Rodgers leg, but the video doesn't actually support that.  I mean, this was a stomp.

So will the NFL decide to come down on Suh with the same force as they did Raiola?  We'll find out later on today I'm sure, and that could be bad news for the Lions as they head to Dallas for their first playoff game.

Did Aaron Rodgers think it was intentional?  He responded in a post game interview.