Diddy came close to getting into a physical altercation with Power actor Michael J. Ferguson while out celebrating Halloween this past weekend.

Diddy dressed up as Heath Ledger’s Joker character from The Dark Knight movie and went out for what was supposed to be good times on Saturday night (Oct. 29). However, the celebration was briefly halted when the Bad Boy Records founder got into a heated argument with actor Michael J. Ferguson. In video of the incident, the two can been seen in each other's faces while Ferguson, who played 2-Bit on Power and Power Book II: Ghost, calls Puff a pussy multiple times. Puff then begins to laugh maniacally, leaning into the character he is portraying.

"You're a clown," Diddy responds. "What's up, baby. You don't like me? You muthafuckin' frontin'. Get to it, bitch. Don't fucking play with me on Halloween. I'm out here with love, nigga...What's up? Come over here and I'll bust your shit. Next time, you don't never talk to me like that, nigga. I'm Love."

Ferguson doesn't back down and smirks while the billionaire rap-mogul rants.

"Why you coming at me like that, God?" Diddy continues. "Me and you got a problem? You really taking over my energy right now?"

Luckily, cooler heads quickly prevail. Diddy lets Ferguson know who he is and they eventually dap each other up and hug.

"You lucky, though, nigga. I'm really ’bout that," Diddy tells Ferguson while they embrace.

Diddy commented on the incident in the comment section of TheShadeRoom's video of the near fight.

"Had a fun night. It's all love. Hugged like Black kings should do when it comes to some bullshit, he wrote."

In a follow-up comment he added, "Love love love."

Ferguson also commented on the incident on his Instagram Story.

"Ran into Diddy last night. All love," he captioned a clip of the altercation.

See Video of Diddy Getting Into a Verbal Altercation With Actor Michael J. Ferguson Below

Diddy reacts to altercation video.
Michael J Ferguson comments on Diddy fight.

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