Revolt TV, Diddy's music-oriented cable channel, launched this week. It features a wide variety of music, a few interviews and congratulatory appearances from a selection of artists. But does it feature Diddy twerking? Sadly, that's been a no after four days on air.

That missing void has been partially filled with Diddy's appearance on 'Ellen.' He came on the show to promote his TV venture, but Ellen DeGeneres threw a curveball and asked him to take part in a dancing game. In the ensuing 45 seconds, Diddy performed the moonwalk, the cabbage patch, the hula and -- most awkwardly -- the twerk.

"I just twerked for ya'll. I lost a lot of street cred," Diddy said after the deed. 'It's All About the Benjamins' still exists, so we're sure it can be forgiven.

The segment was based on the diverse range of music Revolt TV plays, which is a feature Diddy stressed before he danced.

"Just because I'm black -- we know I'm black -- and come from the world of hip-hop does not mean that I'm not going to play all types of music and my mind is not diverse," Diddy says. "The new kids that love music - and everybody - we all listen to all types of music. It's not stereotyped. So we're going to play from rock & roll, to EDM, to soul, to hip-hop, to everything."