"Luck and the culmination of years and years of networking." That's how DJ Afterthought describes the process of putting together his first hip-hop album, Cool Blue Jewels, which drops today (Feb. 9). "I took a track by track approach and just tried to keep setting the bar higher and higher. Can't describe the feeling of having so many extremely talented people that wanted to be a part of this project."

For his new album, the EDM DJ/producer pulled out all the stops, getting guest appearances from Wiz Khalifa, Mozzy, Riff Raff, Dice Soho, Jimmy Wopo, Project Pat, Blackbear, Young Buck and more. Thought and Riff Raff previously hooked up to put out the joint project, Balloween in 2016.

The majority of CBJ is produced by frequent collaborator, JRab, with CL McCoy, E Dan and Corp also adding to the lit soundscape.

Listen to DJ Afterthought's new Cool Blue Jewels album below.

DJ Afterthought's Cool Blue Jewels Tracklist

1. "Long Night" Feat. Wiz Khalifa, Gary Clark Jr. and Mozzy (prod. by E Dan of ID Labs)
2. "Waiting For" Feat. John Sisco (prod. by CL McCoy)
3. "Do It All" Feat. Riff Raff, Hardo and Chevy Woods (prod. by JRab)
4. "Back Against the Wall" Feat. Ponce De Leioun (prod. by CL McCoy)
5. "Outdo" Feat. Blackbear and Riff Raff (prod. by Corp)
6. "Easy" Feat. Jimmy Wopo and Young Buck (prod. by JRab)
7. "Stacking" Feat. Project Pat & Riff Raff (prod. by JRab)
8. "Dont Owe You" Feat. Mozzy and Riff Raff (prod. by JRab)
9. "Take It There" Feat. Dice Soho and Riff Raff (prod. by JRab)
10. "Long Time" Feat. Hi Rez and PK Delay (prod. by CL McCoy)
11. "Tear It Down" Feat. John Sisco (prod. by JRab)
12. "Hit the Gas" Feat. Riff Raff and Adamn Killa (prod. by JRab)

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Neon Nation / Empire

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