If you ever need insight on how to spend your money, just listen to DJ Infamous and let him teach you how to "Run the Check Up." In fact, the ATLien is giving fans a little visual inspiration with the release of his video supplementing his recent single.

Directed by art and video creative Chandler Lass, Infamous, his DTP counterpart, Ludacris, Jeezy and Yo Gotti come together to show off the things "real money" can buy in front of a dark blue gradient accented by a lot of nice, shiny things. While heavily promoting his new partnership with Effen Vokda, the DTP DJ turns up as Jeezy gets it in on "the Avión, all night."

Celebrating his new single and its video, DJ Infamous says he's "really lit about the release of 'Run the Check Up.'

"[Jeezy, Ludacris and Yo Gotti], we're all enjoying the growth of this record even on social media. On a personal tip, I appreciate all their support. They each teach a brother a thing or two. We all have this common bond about the meaning of 'Run The Check Up' and also in celebrating life and now visual art. Director Chandler Lass’ artistic eye made the video pop with hints of the launch of my latest venture with 50 Cent’s Effen. The idea of 'Run The Check Up' definitely has been, and continues to be, a movement.”


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