2017 is already half-over, though it seems only yesterday we learned that Donald Glover’s FX Atlanta would join Westworld in delaying its second season to 2018. Glover’s understandably busy in the meantime, but Season 2 production will apparently start next month, as Glover teases his controversial approach.

As with the series’ long-gestating (not to mention Golden Globe-winning and Emmy-nominated) first season, few plot details have been released ahead of production. Glover told BBC Radio 1 (h/t Vulture) that Season 2 scripts were nearly completed, while a Hollywood Reporter profile says actual production will begin in September for an unknown 2018 premiere.

Apart from Glover’s own status as a father changing perspective and a desire for Season 2 to be “better” than the first (naturally), Glover teased that Atlanta wouldn’t settle into any comfortable pattern:

I don’t want to go into season two [with the mindset of] ‘Enough people liked it so just keep those people,’ because then you begin to give your audience a methadone drip of bulls— that keeps them happy as opposed to, ‘We did something controversial and more people were interested.’

The ex-Community star also has an overall FX deal to develop new TV series, including the animated Deadpool series that shares writers with Atlanta. Glover and the staff apparently even took up space in London to work on while the actor shot his Han Solo role.

Fellow Atlanta star Zazie Beetz is also currently filming Deadpool 2, but what should we expect when Season 2 production begins in September?

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