Dr. Dre is in ICU at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles after suffering a sudden brain aneurysm.

The news broke late Tuesday night as TMZ and multiple other outlets reported that the Hip Hop icon had been admitted to the hospital. Dre is 55 years old, but has not really had any other health issues that would cause concern. The reports say that Dre was rushed by ambulance to the hospital after the aneurysm occured.

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Right now there are not a ton of details, but the good news is that Dre is reportedly in stable condition.

Doctors are running tests to see what may have caused the sudden brain aneurysm, but right now there is no definite cause. Dr. Dre has been going through his share of stress lately, dealing with a recent divorce and all of the issues that come with that.

We'll keep you updated on any new developments as they come, but in the meantime we are sending all positive vibes to Dr. Dre, and hopes for a quick recovery.


Dr. Dre has posted a message on Instagram thanking fans for their support, and to let everyone know that he is ok.


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