The sons of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are pawning off their late father's belongs and their sister is not pleased.  I really hope that the family of our beloved leader will settle this issue outside of the public eye. 

Dexter King and MLK III are trying to sell their father's Nobel Peace Prize and Bible for a lucrative amount of money.  Bernice King, the daughter the civil rights leader, would like to keep the items within the family.  Unfortunately, the courts have stepped into the embarrassing family matter.

TMZ is reporting the courts have ordered Bernice to hand over the sacred items.  The Nobel Peace Prize award and Bible will be held in a secured safe until the matter is settled.  Bernice was quoted saying,

"They're very sacred, not just to me, but to a lot of people. I just don't believe, morally, that you sell it."

Again, I really hope the family settles this issue outside of the public eye and courts.  Dr. King Jr.'s items should never be sold.  Where is the money going after the items if they're sold?

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