'The Shop' is a new featuring Lebron James and a ton of different athletes and celebrities. The debut episode Tuesday featured some real talk from Draymond Green.

Draymond and Lebron haven't exactly been the best of friends over the past three or four years. Their rivalry has gotten really heated as their two teams have competed for the NBA Championship.

They've spent quite a bit of time trash talking on the court and trolling each other off the court. So when Draymond was announced as a guest on Lebron's new show, 'The Shop' everyone thought things could get really interesting.

Draymond was asked if Lebron should call himself the best player playing, and his answer couldn't have been more true.

In case you didn't watch the video above, he said yes . . . he absolutely should.

That's fairly shocking considering there are two players on Draymond's own team that some consider the best playing right now.

That's what Draymond does though, he speaks his own truth. This time he is so spot on it left most of the people in the room speechless.

I don't think Lebron has ever had a confidence issue, but being confident and outwardly expressing that confidence is very different. When you say it out loud, you change the way people think about you, both positively and negatively.

This is one of my favorite parts about sports. When two people can genuinely not like each other on the court, and maybe even in real life, but still respect what the other person can do. Magic and Bird had that same type of relationship over the course of their career.

I hope that The Shop continues to bring more moments like this, because the first episode already has me wanting more.

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