Just about all of us have someone mangle either the spelling or pronunciation of our names — but if someone turns your name into an insult and then pleads innocence, how likely would you be to believe them?

Meet Alex. We don’t know his last name, but according to his dry cleaner, who isn’t a native English speaker, Alex’s surname sounds an awful lot like “asshole.” So that’s how his name was entered in their system.

Poor Alex didn’t even know until he got a printed receipt showing his name as “Alex Asshole” after dropping off some clothes. When he went back to pick them up, he talked to the owner of the shop, who apologetically claimed it was an honest phonetic error and that she didn’t even know the word was an insult.

If Alex had been a new customer, he might have been more inclined to buy that story. But it seems he did have one minor incident at the place a while back when he asked for a suit to be tailored, only to later find it hadn’t been touched (even though he’d been charged for the alterations). He took the suit back and politely asked for them to complete the work, and they did.

So was that enough to get him branded an ahole? Who knows. The owner comped his most recent bill and vowed to get to the bottom — snerk! — of the situation, but Alex has understandably now taken his business elsewhere.

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