The five worst Eddie Murphy movies are fairly easy to narrow down. The reason is because there are a lot of them. So many in fact, that they might start to take away from some of the pure genius that Eddie has been a part of on screen. Every 'Coming To America' has a 'Norbit' waiting for it. I'll throw the five worst Eddie Murphy movies out there, but you have to decide if the bad, out weighs the good.

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    Eddie Murphy as 'Norbit', 'Rasputia', 'Mr. Wong'

    Somewhere, someone thought that the multiple character idea worked so good for Eddie in 'Coming To America' and 'The Nutty Professor', that it would have to work in 'Norbit'. They were wrong, very wrong. Any potential that this movie had to be good was lost during the preview. Sure 'Norbit' could be higher on the list, but Eddie made worse movies, so it will stay the fifth worst Eddie Murphy movie.

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    'Meet Dave'

    Eddie Murphy as 'Dave', 'Captain'

    When the movie starts Eddie has a British accent, by the time it ends the accent goes to 35 other accents. This was not done on purpose to add to the entertainment value, it's because Eddie can't do accents. I really don't have much to say about this since I've never been able to make it through the entire movie in one sitting. It speaks volumes that this movie is only number four on the five worst Eddie Murphy movies.

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    'Holy Man'

    Eddie Murphy as 'G'

    'Holy Man' is the third worst Eddie Murphy movie, but actually probably should have been in the top five best movies. It has a great cast, concept and Eddie does a great job of bringing G to life. So what's the problem? I'm not sure. Some movies have all the right components, and just suck. This is the case with 'Holy Man'. I've tried to like this movie more than once, and each time it gets worse.

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    'Vampire In Brooklyn'

    Eddie Murphy as 'Maximillian', 'Preacher Pauly', 'Guido'

    If 'Pluto Nash' weren't such a terrible movie then 'Vampire In Brooklyn' would take the top spot on the worst Eddie Murphy movies, hands down. 'Vampire In Brooklyn' combines all of the bad attributes of the movies above, multiple Eddies, bad accents and bad plot. To top it all off, they asked Wes Craven to make it a comedy. The king of horror movies is assigned the job of making this movie funny . . . Riiiiiiiggghhht (Dr. Evil Voice). The main thing this movie makes me wonder, is can Eddies eyes open any wider? On a side note, Kadeem Hardison was OK in the movie.

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    'The Adventures Of Pluto Nash'

    Eddie Murphy as 'Pluto Nash'

    'The Adventures Of Pluto Nash' holds the number one spot on the worst Eddie Murphy movies. So how bad is 'Pluto Nash' you ask? So bad that YouTube wont let you share the English speaking version of it online. So bad that of all the Eddie Murphy movies, this is the worst selling of all time. So bad that it cost more than $100 Million to make and made less than $4 Million. Since I could not share the English version, enjoy this Dutch version (I have no idea what language it is, but Dutch sounded good).