Dr. Dre and Eminem are already legends in hip-hop game as solo artists, but together they have put out some of the biggest hits in the culture's history. Dr. Dre is starring in the new HBO docu-series, The Defiant Onesand a new clip shows him and the Recovery rapper discussing their first session in the studio together.

In the clip, Eminem discusses what it was like to meet up with Dre for the first time, and how he got to show some of his fandom by praising him as one of his "biggest influences ever in life."

"I'm looking at Dre like, 'Dude I see you on TV like all the time. You one of my biggest influences ever in life,'" Eminem says.

Dre then continues the commentary, detailing their first session in the studio together, where they met at the super producer's home studio at the time. That first time working together actually brewed up one of Eminem's most classic hit records.

"I had a studio in my house at the time, and I went and I put some samples together and did a couple of things in the drum machine and I did a lot of recording... I was like 'Man, listen. I put this sample together. Tell me if you like it.'"

The beat played for Em turned out to be "My Name Is," which became a major success in the music world. Dre continues to describe the session for the track, stating that Em came up with the famous hook for the record within the first few seconds of hearing the beat.

"And I hit the drum machine, and maybe two or three seconds went by and he just went, 'Hi! My name is... my name is...' Like, 'Yo! Stop.' Shit's hot. That's what happened our first day in the first few minutes of us being in the studio."

There's no question that Eminem and Dr. Dre were one of the more successful rapper/producer pairings in hip-hop, and their chemistry can be heard on tons of Em's biggest songs from over the years. There's even reports Dre is working on the MC's next album as well.

Watch the two discuss their first studio session together in the preview clip below.

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