Eminem performed 'Venom' from the Empire State Building on Jimmy Kimmel Live just a few days before his birthday.

Eminem turns 46 today, and is still killing mics like he did when he was a newcomer.

The visuals of his Kimmel performance are amazing as the Empire State Building was washed in lights to sync with his music.

In true Em fashion, the video isn't all business. There is a scene in the middle where he is stuck on a uncomfortably long elevator ride with another person. Em proceeds to talk about the buildings construction and architecture. Somehow the exchange ends with an awkward hug.

Considering today is Eminem's birthday, check out a list of his Top 10 songs that I put together a few years ago. Even though he's released new music since, I think the list holds up pretty well still. Click here to check out the list.

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