Eminem was in Montreal over the weekend for the Osheaga Music Festival.  Em was on stage for more than an hour and a half doing a set of his greatest hits, when he decided to break things up a bit.

After a story about hooking up with a 10 and waking up with a -16, Eminem launched into a tribute to Nate Dogg.  All 38,000 Canadians sang at the top of their lungs to pay tribute to Nate.  It was one of those, "tell everyone that you were there when it happened" kind of moments.

I was actually really surprised by this video of the concert.  While Eminem has always been a dope lyricist, he has a history of lackluster stage presence.  The video starts with the same old story of, "Did you miss us?" and (insert city name here) "Yall are crazy!".

It was nice to see Eminem break routine and do something different.  Even though he did not seem very comfortable doing it, he definitely got his point across.

Part 2 of the tribute.