Yesterday we asked on Facebook who should make a comeback between Eve or Nelly and a lot of votes went to Eve.  She must had notice because today Eve delivers 'Make It Out This Town' featuring Gabe Seporta from 2013 'Lip Lock' album. 

The uptempo pop song gives inspiration to fans who want to make it to a better life.  Gabe Seporta gives a nice clean euro sound on the chorus.  It is rumored that the video has already been shot for this song and we should get it really soon.

In each of the two verse, Eve gives fan some advice. Check out a couple bars from the second verse.

Make a change and find a place in your heart you trust
You ain’t always gotta take the first call to dough
In this life only you can represent yourself
Never let your circumstances hold you back

It has been over a decade since Eve released and album but after listening to 'Make It Out This Town,' she haven't fell off.  I believe this is going to be a hit song and we may just play it here at Club 93.7.  Take a listen below and let us know if we should play it or not.

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