Fabolous' recently dropped his new video "You Be Killin' Em," which co-stars Kanye West ex Amber Rose. There's also been gossip that Fab and Amber are more than friends, but he denies it.

He said:

"We got a lot of great response and recognition from the 'You Be Killin' Em' video. The little spice of hate and speculation, I choose to really exist above that noise. That stuff, you can't do nothing about it, and it's always gonna be there. I tried to bring a great visual to the video world, not just bring the same scenario."

Fab also said he picked Amber because she symbolized the message in the espionage-themed video.

He said:

"She embodied the style and grace of complimenting somebody, 'You be killin' 'em. I think she did an outstanding job as the lead lady in the video. I did OK as well. I think together we made a good duo."

The track is from Fabolous' mixtape-turned-album, "There Is No Competition 2: The Grieving Music EP".