Instagram comedian Shiggy doesn't appear to have a fan in Fabolous.

On Monday night (Aug. 6), popular social media comedian Shiggy uploaded a video of himself getting roughed by the Brooklyn MC while in Canada's Cactus Club Cafe. Humorously enough, security looks on with a sly grin as Shiggy stares at him for assistance.

While the conversation is incomprehensible due to the music blaring in the background, the two narrated the hilarious incident on Shiggy's Instagram page. In Shiggy's comments, Fab wrote "When you gotta grab a nigga up & tell him don't let this do the shiggy KeKe shit go to your head," in addition to a bevy of laughing emojis. "I Ain't doing no dance for ya new song idc what you do," Shiggy jokingly responded.

Comedic or not, it seems like an odd move for the rapper who is currently in the process of facing domestic violence charges after being caught on video threatening his longtime girlfriend and her family. As previously reported, Fab could face up to 10 years in jail for the alleged assault.

Shiggy has always had quite the following on social media, but his fame catapulted after Drake released Scorpion in late June. That same day, Shiggy posted a clip of himself dancing along to "In My Feelings," sparking a viral dancemovement everyone from 6ix9ine to Will Smith has taken part in. He also appeared in the official music video for the summer banger.

There's no doubt Shiggy aided Drake with his recent record-breaking chart numbers. "In My Feelings," which has held the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for four weeks, brought in 116.2 million U.S. streams in the week ending July 19, breaking the single-week record for most U.S. streams for an individual song.

Watch the apparently comical scene between Fab and Shiggy unfold below.

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