There are certain things that grab your attention while you're mindlessly surfing the web. Like this mildew factory (a.k.a. house with an indoor pool surrounded by carpet - gross!) or this barn that's been converted into a super-cool house.

This used car that has been customized with an explosion of pink is another item that will stop your scroll.

Hey, I'm comfortable enough in my masculinity to occasionally wear the pink shirt my pink-loving wife bought me. But I'd probably feel a little self-conscious driving this VW Beetle. (Although it is a convertible, so there's that.)

By the way, if you want to check out the full listing, it's still for sale (as of this writing) in Goodrich. Check out Kelly's ad in the local Facebook Marketplace. She says it needs a little work but she's finally ready to part with this pink lover's dream car.

The Perfect Car for the Person Who Really, Really, Really Loves Pink

Does anybody else spend way too much time scrolling endlessly through Facebook Marketplace?

I'm not in the market for anything but somehow I just end up looking through things that local folks have for sale.

Like Kelly. Kelly and my wife have something in common because they love, love, love the color pink. I'd be tempted to buy it for her if she didn't love her very-much non-pink SUV.

Check out this 2005 pink beauty here.

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