The website that you love to hate will give you another reason to take a break from signing on.  Facebook will implement video ads when you view profiles.  In the past year, Facebook has tried to bring in extra revenue with savvy strategies and they've worked, I guess. 

By the end of the summer you will see video ads while surfing through Facebook. The video will be no longer than 15 seconds and can be muted.  Once you unmute the video, expect to her the audio playing through your speakers and restart the video.

The top two advertisers on Facebook are Coco-Cola and Nestle.  So basically a lot of pop and chocolate ads will be seen at first.

I am not of fan of the evolution of Facebook since the days of only allowing profiles to be linked to college email accounts.  I think this will annoy many users during their social time on the web.

So I'm wondering, what annoys you the most about Facebook? Leave your response in the comment section below.  I know I am tired of invites to games and what not.  PLEASE STOP INVITING ME.