The following post contains SPOILERS — both real and fake ones — for Avengers: Infinity War.

Avengers: Infinity War records-smashing opening weekend proves that people were really excited for the 19th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And so do all the articles that are a bout to follow; which all chronicled rumors and theories about what was going to happen in Infinity War (and then definitely did not).

Given the amount of secrecy around Infinity War, I tried to play fair with these rumors. You couldn’t really be too mad about someone predicting Hawkeye or Ant-Man or Valkyrie would be in the film; pretty much everyone assumed they were, and many Marvel interviews in the weeks before Infinity War’s release teased appearances that weren’t in the film. Besides there were plenty of genuinely ridiculous rumors to choose from instead. (Iron Man is an Infinity Stone? Really?)

And so, in the grand tradition of our false rumors posts about Spider-Man: HomecomingCaptain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, here are...

30 Rumors About Avengers: Infinity War That Turned Out to Be False

1. “There was a big theory going around regarding the MCU and the Infinity Stones. Each letter of ‘Thanos’ stood for what contained each stone. T-Tesseract, A-Aether, N-Necklace, O-Orb, S-Scepter. You might notice that the ‘H’ is undetermined at this point. Many people have speculated that the ‘H’ stands for Heimdall and that he contains the last stone.” — Comic Book Resources

2. “It wouldn't come as too much of a surprise to find out that Hela has been in possession of the Soul Stone the entire time. If so, Hela would be the final piece in proving the T.H.A.N.O.S. theory to be correct.” — Geeks.Media

3. “Cate Blanchett’s Hela from Thor: Ragnarok could end up being the MCU’s version of Death — she is the Goddess of Death, after all.” — Comic Book Resources

4. “CAPTAIN AMERICA DIES!” — Comic Book Resources

5. “Michael Rooker’s Yondu will be returning.” — That Hashtag Show

6. “Quicksilver will probably return, whether it be from some sort of weird resurrection, or Doctor Strange traveling back in time to save him from Ultron.” — Comic Book Resources


7. “Thanos will recreate Ultron.” — ScreenRant

8. “Loki will replace Mephisto and team with Thanos.” — Super Hero Nexus

9. “Loki will play a big role.” — ScreenRant

10. “Captain Marvel will make her debut.” — Latino Review

11. “Fans have been wondering when The Avengers would learn of Phil Coulson’s resurrection, and since Avengers: Infinity War is the grand finale of a 22-movie story arc, one big rumor is that Agent Phil Coulson’s time has finally come.” — Comic Book Resources

12. “The Silver Surfer is listed as appearing in Avengers: Infinity War.” — Yahoo Movies UK

13. “We're not quite sure how Adam Warlock could fit into the Infinity War movie, but if Thanos and all the Infinity Stones are involved in this movie than Adam Warlock won't be far behind.” — The Richest

14. “Nebula and Spider-Man will become best friends.” — ScreenRant

Iron Man

15. “Perhaps the Soul Stone is embedded into the DNA of Tony Stark, acting as a bonding agent for his genes and holding him together. It’s little wonder how tech is so integrated into his very being, that at the height of his power it becomes the very thing keeping him alive.” — Bounding Into Comics

16. “Another theory is that the stone is linked to Iron Man's Arc Reactor.” — Digital Spy

17. “Howard [Stark] somehow turned the Soul Stone into Tony Stark, much like how some of the other stones have taken different forms like the Aether and the Tesseract.” —

18. “Thanos could use one of the Infinity Stones to revive Ronan from the dead, only this time he would also make sure the warrior is under his complete control.” — Cinema Blend

19. “It is at least possible then that the Venom symbiote could hitch a ride on one of Thanos’ vessels, or perhaps even the Guardians of the Galaxy’s ship the Milano, and come to Earth that way and Spider-Man could discover the symbiote from there.” —

20. “Since we have little to no chance of seeing Abomination in another Hulk movie, some fans believe Infinity War could be the perfect time to reintroduce the villain.” — ScreenRant

21. “Does This Spider-Man: Homecoming Easter Egg Reveal a Big Plot Point About Thor in Infinity War?” — The Mary Sue (Note: It did not.)

Avengers Infinity War

22. “Vibranium, which is only found in Wakanda, will become a pivotable McGuffin in the fight against Thanos.” — Latino Review

23. “Evidence is building that we'll actually see a version of this [alien invasion] scene in Infinity War, and it would make sense for them to be invading because the Black Panther has the Soul Stone.” — AMC Theatres

24. “With Infinity War taking the Avengers to space, it’s only right SHIELD’s extraterrestrial division known as SWORD gets a mention or Easter egg to connect the series to the MCU in the way fans have always hoped.”— Player.One

25. “The first teaser trailer for Thor: Ragnarok showed the destruction of Thor’s beloved hammer, Mjolnir, casting doubt on whether Thor would have his iconic hammer by the time Avengers: Infinity War rolled around. That question was answered in a behind-the-scenes set photo from Avengers: Infinity War, in which one of the Russo brothers is holding the God of Thunder’s hammer.” — Comic Book Resources

26. “With Tom Holland playing Peter Parker in the MCU, fans think it is only a matter of time until Silk shows up, and one rumor says the heroine will appear in Avengers: Infinity War.” —

27. “Hank Pym will be involved.” — The Richest

28. “Scarlet Witch has been a villain the entire time. This would mean that she ends up working with Thanos to get all of the Infinity Stones.” — Comic Book Resources

29. “Whoopi Goldberg and Mark Hamill rumored for the Avengers: Infinity War.” — Cosmic Book News

30. “One actor/musician/entertainer who has yet to really dip into the comic book movie genre is LL Cool J – but could that be changing?” — ScreenRant

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