Football season is just about here. More importantly, fantasy football season is just about here.

You’ve studied the stats, scoured the Internet and flipped through countless magazines to prepare yourself. However, there are some things you should avoid at all costs when you show up at your draft.

Here are 13 things you should not say if you plan to show the other players in your league that you mean business and have what it takes to win the whole shebang.

1. “I’ll trade you my collection of Barbra Streisand CDs for Aaron Rodgers.”

2. “What say we turn on some Lifetime?”

3. “I’m going to have to leave after the third round because I have tickets to a WNBA game.”

4. “With the first pick in the draft, I select…Brett Favre.”

5. “The pizza and wings you ordered are great, but do you have any crudité? I’m watching my figure.”

6. “I got a real sleeper tipped off to me by Rachael Ray.”

7. “I’m telling each player I draft that there’s a bounty on everyone we play this year.”

8. “I don’t know how involved I’m going to be this year. I was hoping to spend more of my Sundays getting quality time at the mall with my wife.”

9. “Why can’t we just share Tom Brady?”

10. “My dark horse team for the Super Bowl is the Houston Oilers.”

11. “I’d like a bye week, just so I can have a little ‘me time.’”

12. “I brought some flowers to spruce up the draft room.”

13. “I’m going to use a replacement owner as long as the NFL uses replacement refs.”

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