Fat Joe has been known for hits like "What's Love" and "Lean Back". He's also been known for well... being fat! He loved being fat, but understands that obesity is killing a lot of Americans. He's lost a lot of friends from strokes and heart attacks so he decided to change his diet and save his life!

Fat Joe lost his best friend and artist Big Pun to a heart attack over a decade ago. That really shook him up. Since then his music career took off and he enjoyed some success. But now a husband and Father he wants to see his kids live and not leave them alone in life. I believe this is great. I love to hear artist that have real life changes and are making them. That are helping other people who look up to them change their lives for the better. Working out and eating right is important and a lot of urban areas and 'hoods' aren't getting the information and nutrition. I hope this sparks some better thinking and living. Congrats 'Fat' Joe... Soon to be 'Slim'.