Fetty Wap gives an update on the status of Alexis Skyy and their unborn daughter Alaiya’s health. "My baby good," the rapper shares in a post on Instagram live. "Everything good. I'm tired."

Alexis, who has not given birth yet, also shared an image in her Instagram story, writing, "Today i feel a lot better just staying positive for lay lay .. hopefully you stay in a little longer but if not either way I'm here With you forever."

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It looks like the latest addition to Fetty Wap's family is arriving way sooner than anyone expected.

On Wednesday (Jan. 3), TMZ reported that Fetty's ex-girlfriend, Alexis Skyy, was in labor with their daughter, who's now set to be born three months prematurely.

According to the celeb gossip site, Skyy's water broke early on Tuesday (Jan. 2), when Fetty Wap was spotted escorting her as she was being rolled into a Georgia hospital. In a video inside a hospital room, Skyy sounds very calm as she explains what's going on.

"My water did break, so I had to get rushed to the hospital and stuff," she says, before assuring that her baby will be safe despite being born prematurely. Fetty, who is also awaiting the birth of another child by another woman, chimes in that he, in fact, was actually born prematurely. She says the doctors will try to keep the baby in her for as long as possible, though.

Skyy revealed the 3-D ultrasound for their baby, a girl whom she's calling Alaiya, a little less than a week ago.

"I finally got to see my 3D ultra sounds thanks to my mom @xo_nikki75 & @dr.m_jg
Ladies in Atlanta if your expecting and want to come get a 3D ultra sound they have a bomb new machine i was the first to use it ! 😘 ALAIYA M 💗," she wrote in the caption for an Instagram post that included images from the ultrasound.

In October, Skyy confirmed that she was pregnant with Fetty's daughter. At the time, she was said to be two months pregnant, meaning she was expected to give birth in February or March. Now, her daughter, who will actually be Fetty's fourth child, could be born any minute now. This will be Skyy's first child.

Check out Alexis Skyy's video update below. Peep her 3-D ultrasound beneath that.

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